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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Adults

Stewards of Children® training is for every adult who cares about the safety of children.  Child sexual abuse happens in our homes, neighborhoods, churches, schools, youth sports and online.  It can happen to a child you care about – even your own child.  The Stewards of Children program seeks to raise awareness of the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse by educating adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse. 

In this training, you will:

*Receive a mix of survivor stories, expert advice and practical guidance for preventing child sexual abuse.

*Learn about making choices, taking risks and supporting each other.

*Get simple strategies to prevent and respond to sexual abuse through Darkness to Light’s 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children.

This program is offered both in person or via Zoom on request to community clubs, groups or organizations within our service area. Learn more about the program here at: 

Schedule your training today by contacting Amanda White at 660-359-2874 or by email at [email protected]




Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention for Children

Play it Safe! teaches children how to reduce their risk of being sexually abused.



Play it Safe! is a child abuse awareness and prevention program that incorporates age-appropriate scripts and movies to teach children how to reduce their risk of sexual and physical abuse, and sexual assault. It teaches them to recognize potentially abusive behavior, provides the tools to respond to threatening situations, and encourages them to report abuse to a trusted adult.

Play it Safe!® is an evidence-informed, age-appropriate, risk reduction program for Pre-K through high school age students. Since 1983, more than 1.5 million children have learned about personal safety from the Play it Safe! program. Each grade level’s interactive curriculum speaks to children in a way that they can best learn and respond.

*If you would like more information about Play It Safe, or are interested in bringing the program to your school or community, please contact: 

Amanda White

Prevention Education Specialist

North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center

660-359-2874| [email protected]






The North Central Missouri Children's Advocacy Center has added The Monique Burr Foundation Child Safety Matters curriculum to their prevention programs. 

The MBF Child Safety Matters® - Pre-K program was developed to introduce personal safety concepts to
preschool children, ages 4 - 5. The lessons, provided by the Monique Burr Foundation for Children (MBF),
were created and reviewed by child psychologists and early childhood educators and meet many Pre-K
instructional standards. They are age- and developmentally appropriate, based on research, and include
fun and engaging activities for children, as well as additional optional activities that can be used for
reinforcement of the lesson content. 

MBF Child Safety Matters® is a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention education program
for elementary school students in grades K-5. The program teaches students and adults how
to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to the four types of child abuse (physical,
emotional, sexual, neglect), bullying, cyberbullying, and digital dangers.

MBF Teen Safety Matters® is a comprehensive, evidence-informed prevention education
program for middle school students in grades 6 - 8 and high school students in grades 9 - 12. The
program addresses emotional, physical, and digital safety, and teaches students and adults
how to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to the four types of child abuse (physical,
emotional, sexual, neglect), exploitation/trafficking, sexual assault, relationship abuse, bullying,
cyberbullying, and digital dangers.

MBF Mental Health Matters, provided by the Monique Burr Foundation for Children, are supplemental lessons for MBF Child Safety Matters® and MBF Teen Safety Matters® that address Mental and Emotional Health and Substance Use and Abuse.

These programs are FREE to schedule and also meets the legislative requirements of Erins Law


To schedule yours today, or for more information, email [email protected]






Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Wellbeing

Prevention Institute, a non-profit national center dedicated to improving community health and well-being, is proud to announce the official publication of Prevention is Primary:  Strategies for Community Wellbeing.  Edited by Prevention Institute and Vivian Chavez of San Francisco State University, Prevention Is Primary aims to move practitioners from the margins of prevention to its core by defining the elements of quality prevention efforts, identifying best practices, and illustrating the application of prevention principles in a multitude of settings.