Helping Kids Understand Feelings
April means Pinwheels for Prevention

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Most of us associate Valentine’s Day with love, hearts, and flowers. It’s a day normally spent with one’s significant other celebrating love. But this Valentine’s Day, I would like to ask you to include in your celebration of love, the love that we all have for children.

So, today we’d like to ask you a question… What are you doing to keep the children that you love safe?

Children consume approximately 25% of the U.S. population, but they suffer higher rates of victimization and crime than adults. That being said, 1 in 4 children will experience some type of trauma or victimization before they reach the age of 16. This widespread victimization is responsible for a variety of physical and mental health related consequences affecting children well into their adult years.

However, much of the abuse and trauma experienced by children can be prevented. And we like to do our part to help.

One would hope that we are in agreement that there is nothing more precious than the love of a child. Keeping kids safe is our sole mission, but it’s also a job for parents, schools, and communities as well. We may not be able to completely stop abuse, but together we can make a difference!

What can you do this Valentine’s Day to show your love for children?

If you work for a school or youth serving organization, visit to learn about our programs. Show your love for children by teaching them how to help adults keep them safe.

If you are a parent, share information about our programs with your child’s school. Show your love for them by learning as much as you can!

Every child deserves to be safe! As adults, it’s our job to teach them how! It’s our job to LOVE them!