Signs of Depression in Children & How to help

Stressors can Increase Risks

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of financial difficulties, as a nation. The recent news reports are inflamed with fears of further losses for both companies and individuals. There are people that have lost everything that they have invested. For some, they have had no other options but to deplete their savings. You might be asking what this has to do with child abuse. The truth is, stressors, especially financial stressors, can increase risks of children being abused. While what we are experiencing as a nation cannot be used as an excuse to abuse a child, it is a sad reality.

There are no boundaries when it comes to abuse. Abuse does not just affect low-income families or poor families. All incomes, genders, races, religions etc. are affected by abuse. Financial stressors can create unwanted havoc in the home. When a parent loses a job or is laid off from work, they face very difficult times ahead - financially. This can also lead to mental health issues. A parent that has been able to provide for their family and suddenly finds themselves in dire straights with their finances can go through depression. This depression can change their way of thinking and coping. It is at this time that child abuse can come into play. Does this condone the parents abuse towards their child? No! Not in any way! However, please know that this is a reality within our country. The parent that is tremendously stressed out might lash out at their children, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

There may also be issues of neglect. There is something completely necessary to point out. There are families that are low-income, which cannot provide the very best in material possessions for their children. They may be on a very tight budget and have very little to spend when it comes to purchasing needed clothing and shoes. However, just because the family is low-income, and doesn’t have many financial resources, that doesn’t mean the parents are abusive towards their children, or neglectful, for that matter. There are several parents that can't afford the best in clothes, shoes, bags etc. However, they find a way to work around their circumstances. They went to thrift stores and purchased clothing. They looked for incredible sales on shoes. Point being, they found a way to provide for their children. Neglect happens when a parent shows no concern for their children’s needs whatsoever. Parents that neglect their children in this way are not using what financial means that they have to provide clothing for their children. Their children often wear clothes that are too small and soiled, they may wear shoes that do not fit properly and do not get enough to eat. This is neglect. Every child deserves to have their needs met.

Hopefully those reading this will become aware to the situations of the children in their lives. Financial stressors can indeed increase risks of child abuse. Be watchful over the children that you have in your life, whether they be a friend’s child, a church member’s child, a child of a friend of a friend. Look for the warning signs of child abuse. Be active in the lives of the children you are around. If you go to a store and witness abuse happening, call it in. Don’t be afraid to make that call. We are in stressful times right now, economically. They are times that are filled with great fears and uncertainties. We can help the children. We can be aware of the warning signs and do what is necessary to help the children.