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Tinder, a risk to our youth

What is Tinder?

In a nutshell, Tinder is basically a free dating app that matches people based off of several different factors. Factors include age, location and mutual friends and interests. If you come across a person you’re interested in, you swipe right. Until June of 2016, Tinder’s age requirement was only 13+. Although currently they have changed it to 18+. 


What is the Risk?

Any person can sign up for Tinder through Facebook. This being said, if your child lied about their age on Facebook, they can easily join Tinder even if they are under the age of 18. Unfortunately, not everyone on Tinder has good intentions. It can be used to find young children for ill purposes such as:

  • Promoting Sex

  • Pictures can reveal a child’s exact location

  • Meeting strangers


Tinder Statistics

  • 50 million users

  • 7% of users are STILL between the ages of 13-17

  • Over 100 million downloads of the app

  • Over 10 million daily active users

  • 79% of Tinder users are millennial’s