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NEW! Telehealth Appointments

Due to Covid-19, The North Central Missouri Children's Advocacy Center is now offering the option of telehealth appointments to all new and existing patients.

When you schedule a Telehealth appointment, you will receive an email with a link that allows you access to our Telehealth waiting room on the date and time of the appointment. If you have scheduled a Telehealth appointment and have not received the email with the link, please call the office at (660) 359-2874.

Important Tips For Telehealth Patients:               

  • Use Wi-Fi or a wired high speed internet connection whenever possible. Avoid using cellular data for your appointment.

  • Stay in one place during the appointment. Moving around can disrupt the connection.

  • Arrange to be in a quiet, private space, like an office or bedroom during your appointment. You don’t want your private information broadcast for others to hear, and noisy, disruptive locations will prevent you from getting the most from your appointment.

  • DO NOT attend your appointment while driving! Doing so is ineffective, inappropriate, and likely illegal.

  • Please treat your TeleHealth appointment as you would an in-office visit. Set aside the time for the appointment. TeleHealth appointments are not an opportunity to multitask by cooking dinner or running on the treadmill during your appointment.