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Tips for keeping kids safe through the heat of summer

With the temperatures rising outside we want to provide you with a few quick reminders why not to leave your child locked in a car: 
  • Heat stroke can happen when the outside temperature is as low as 57 degrees F. 
  • Heat stroke can happen when the body is not able to cool itself quickly enough.
  • A child's body heats up three to five times faster than an adult's does.
  • When left in a hot car, a child's major organs begin to shut down when his/her temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit (F). 
  • A child can die when his/her temperature reaches 107 degrees F. 
  • Cars heat up quickly! In just 10 minutes, a car can heat up 20 degrees F. 
  • Cracking a window and/or air conditioning does little to keep it cool once the car is turned off

Please call 911 if you see a child locked in a car. It is not to get mom or dad in trouble, the goal should be to save a child’s life. Your phone call could ultimately insure that a child wont be on the evening news having passed away from heat stroke. You can make ALL the difference. We are all #Essential4Kids!! Doc2-0001