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Mental Health services continue during COVID-19

The past three-plus months have presented a steep learning curve for professional counselors, especially with the pandemic causing disruptions and difficulties with something at the heart of their work: connecting with people. Many counselors in clinical settings responded to these new realities by ceasing in-person interactions and quickly getting up to speed to offer client sessions via telebehavioral health. Many of these professionals navigated a similar scramble to that of their clinical counseling colleagues, having to adopt and use new technologies so they could continue supporting children online. Despite the widely reported rise in mental health concerns connected to or intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, some counselors are facing income loss because of a decrease in clients. That’s due in part to many clients experiencing financial struggles of their own, including loss of insurance.

To minimize the risk of infection, our counselor, has been sanitizing her office and waiting room after every client, washing her hands regularly, and opening the door for each client so they don’t have to touch the doorknob. She has also posted a sign on her office door asking that people who are sick or have a fever not enter. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic we were billing insurance for the counseling session regardless for those who had or hadn't had a forensic interview along with providing a sliding scale for those without insurance. This remains the same as we strive to continue providing mental health services at as little to no out of pocket cost to the families we serve. We understand that some families are not comfortable being out and about as of yet, in light of this we are offering both telebehavioral health as well as in person visits. 

For more information about our mental health services please feel free to call our office during office hours and speak with Amanda White.  #Essential4Kids