Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (S.A.F.E.)or Child At Risk Exam (C.A.R.E.)
Advocacy & Support

Trauma Counseling

Without effective therapeutic intervention, many traumatized children will suffer ongoing or long term adverse social, emotional, and developmental outcomes that may impact them throughout their lifetime. Specialized trauma-focused mental health services are made available for every child receiving a forensic interview. The treatment process engages the non-offending caretaker, includes trauma-specific assessment with full trauma history, and the use of standardized assessment tools to gauge progress. While the forensic interview is separate from mental health treatment, our counselor attends and participates in the Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) response during case reviews, so that a child’s treatment needs can be assessed and the child’s mental health can be monitored and taken into account as the MDT makes decisions about the case.