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Forensic Interviews

Conducting Forensic Interviews is the primary service offered by NCMCAC. The interview is typically the cornerstone of a child abuse investigation. Forensic interviews are conducted in a child-friendly environment by specially trained Forensic Interviewers that have received no less than 40 hours of a nationally or state recognized forensic interview training that includes child development and peer review. The interview is culturally sensitive, legally sound, non-leading, unbiased and supported by research, which includes peer review. It seeks to gather information from a child about abuse they may have experienced, allowing for the competence of the child, using the child’s own words. It also aims to reduce trauma for the child, maximize information obtained, maintain the integrity of the investigation, and minimize the contaminating effects of the interview. The Forensic Interviewer may then provide expert testimony within a judicial setting if necessary concerning the interview and the child’s statements.

All referrals for a Forensic Interview must come from a Law Enforcement agency, Children’s Division, or the Juvenile Office.