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Community Presentations

Child abuse awareness, education,  and prevention programs are a vital component to a healthy and safe community for our children. The North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center (NCMCAC) recognizes that to protect children from abuse, prevention services must address individuals, families and the community.

Prevention programs offered by the NCMCAC have the ability to reach nearly 8,500 people in our service area. These programs offer a range of services to parents, children, schools and a variety of individuals and organizations throughout our communities. We all want to have a safe, healthy and happy community.

We CAN protect our children, take steps to help prevent abuse and build a strong and prosperous future for our community. It’s possible and it’s happening. The NCMCAC is working hard to be a voice for children and YOU can, too.

Check out the Programs we can present to your group or community by clicking our Prevention tab under Categories. For more information, or to find out how to have a program brought to your community, please contact us at (660) 359-2874.