Trauma Counseling
Forensic Interviews

Advocacy & Support

Children and families in crisis need assistance in navigating through the systems’ response to a report of child abuse. Research has shown that a child believed and supported after having made a disclosure of abuse is more likely to be resilient in processing their trauma, brave enough to endure a judicial process, as well as remain firm in their testimony. The NCMCAC provides advocacy and support for the child and family to assist in trauma reduction and improve overall outcomes. Up-to-date information and ongoing support is critical to a child and family’s comfort and ability to participate in intervention and treatment. Our victim advocacy services also includes court accompaniment, crisis intervention, education on the dynamics of abuse, case coordination, case review facilitation with identified MDT, and therapeutic treatment broker, as well as acts as a referral resource for other services within the community. Services are available from case initiation until case disposition, or the family decides advocacy is not longer needed.

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