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Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment 2!


Dear Missouri Voters,

This November every citizen in Missouri will have the opportunity to help change Missouri law to benefit abused children. Constitutional Amendment 2 will allow juries to have information about a defendant’s prior sex crimes against children, IF a judge determines the evidence is not unduly prejudicial to the alleged perpetrator.

Missouri is currently the only state in the country that prohibits this type of evidence, commonly called propensity evidence, in all cases and circumstances. Federal courts and 15 other states permit prosecutors to introduce evidence of past criminal acts with few or no exceptions. The remaining states permit that evidence in some circumstances.

Missouri children deserve to have the strongest—not the weakest—protection against child sexual abuse. Please join the North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center in voting yes on Amendment 2 to Protect Missouri Children. 



Verna Kelsey, Executive Director

DeAn Witt, Child Advocate

Stacy Muessig, Interview Coordinator

Amy Montgomery, LPC

Kimberly Grebner, Forensic Interviewer